My Projects
First Rickroll in Space
High Altitude balloon project
In an effort to bring a little comedy to the high altitude balloon scene, we sent up Rick Astley to blare his everlasting music to the entire planet.
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Balance Hack
Giving a cheap digital scale serial out
This hack involves getting data directly from the multiplexed LCD pins. It was not easy, but in the end, I made a cool product with a very low build costs.
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The HoBoX
My first Raspi project
Why buy an Xbox when you can make yourself a HoBoX! A Raspi running RetroPie makes for an awesome retro game console, all controlled via a wireless Xbox controller, with blue LED's!!!
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Return to space
Self guiding payload
I've done two high altiude balloon projects. Both wound up in trees. Not anymore. This time, the payload will guide itself back to gps location via a self guiding parafoil.
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Field Repair: Mission Critical
In the field, sometimes you do what you got to do
Faced with a "get this thing working today or get it out of here!" attitude, I did the unthinkable to make a microwave solids analyzer work with terrible line voltage.
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ZUG Projects
Where comedy used to reign
This link will take you to my old home page of the now defunked I was able to install a horcrux before they went under, so my homepage survived. There you will find several of my Secret Santa builds.
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Secret Santa 2008
My very first hack
Some links don't work, put here for archive purposes.
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Secret Santa 2009
Big Mouth Billy Bass hacked!
My second hack. This is kind of scary, I've learned so much since then.
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Secret Santa 2010
Hacked Alarm Clock
Hacked alarm clock with custom alarm and handmade display. Some links might not work..
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Secret Santa 2011
Naughty Duck
Giving a talking duck a potty mouth. Sound NSFW. .
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Secret Santa 2012
Hacked "Easy" button
A Staples EASY button with custom MP3 playback using a $3 hacked mp3 player. Some links don't work.
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Kicken' My Grill's Butt
What to do with a grill that burns your steaks
Not really a hack, but amusing to nerds none the less.
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