September 14, 2015
Pipboy 3000 MARK II


UPDATE - The Mark II is complete! Click here to see!



I've been working on the Mark II for a while now. I hope to have it for sale on ebay around Christmas time. It will feature the same display as the Mark I, but will be functional. All the Mark I does is paint images to the screen to make it look like the video game version. The Mark II will have an actual processor and sensors. 


There is no room to house the extra electronics, so I'm going to put an extension on the backside to house them. Speaking of electronics, it will feature:


  • GPS
  • Audio player
  • FM Transmitter??
  • Gyroscope/compass/accelerometer/pressure sensors
  • Flashlight
  • Laser Pointer??
  • Arduino brain


I might put in a Geiger Counter if I can get it to work. Below are some pictures. I will update this post periodically as I make progress and will answer any questions and take requests. So please comment!


Image 1

Image 2

Image 3



Update 01/01/16



Close enough to the new year...I've got all the electronics worked out. Check out the video. I should have everything complete by the end of Feburary.




Update 02/18/16

image link



UPDATE - The Mark II is complete! Click here to see!

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